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Summer Courses

We provide intensive courses in our summer day camps to 8-18 year-old students who enjoy dancing, acting and singing.

Sessions in 2022: June 20-24, and August 22-26

Location: Jókai Klub (1121 Hollós út 5.)

program: every day 9:30-17:00 intensive dance- singing- and drama training with professional masters


Foki Veronika

singing master


Benjamin of Babácsi

dance master


Ágnes Csikász

drama instructor


Gábor Finta

dance master

Price: HUF 50.000 (covers lunch)

deposit: HUF 20.000 (non-refundable)

Application by registry (Apply button) and by paying teh deposit of the full amount by bank transfer: Indo-Selera Nonprofit Kft. 10700244-46861209-51100005, remark: student's name, , sesion dates,)

More info:  +36 20 549 0893

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