Our productions

Our video project "Álmodd meg a csodát" was filmed at Terminal 2 of Liszt Ferenc Budapest Airport with the support of Budapest Airport Zrt. and Cinematic Studio.

Choreographer, dance teacher: Gábor Finta 

singing teacher: Veronika Foki

Our video project "Born this way" was filmed in the Museum of Sweets and Selfies.

Choreographer, dance teacher: Gábor Finta

Our latest performance premiered on May 12th, 2019 in the fascinating building of Budai Vigadó with the support of the "House of Traditions".

The musical performance depicted the adventures of 10-year-old Mimi, who is a new student in a boarding school. In the heart-warming story the 8-16 year-old performers played scenes that were inspired by their own life experiences about friendship, bullying, integration, exclusion and sticking together. 


The fascinating choreographies of Gábor Finta and Andienn Haraszti-Zwiep and the world class musical hits chosen and taught by Veronika Foki made this performance an unforgettable experience.

The show was performbed by the students of Budapest Musical School.


Our performance "Példaképek (Role Models)" sponsored by the Hungarian Art Academy was designated to popularize contemporary dance amongst youngsters.

The show premiered on Childrens' day on May 27th, 2018 at Tárogató Úti Színpad.

What will you be when you grow up? 

Who are the people that inspire you to find your own way? Who do you consider your role models?

We asked 8-17.year-old kids and teens. They tell us about role models, obstacles and perseverance. 

Performed by the students of Budapest Musical School.​

Our first show premiered on October 22nd 2017 at Tárogató Úti Színpad, Budapest, and was sponsored by The Hungarian Art Academy (MMA)

The 1-hour-long play had been created to promote contemporary dance amongst youngsters, with the choreographies of Gábor Finta and scenes of Rea Varga, created together with the students through improvisation.

The characters of the show - teacher and his students dance. At dance classes and in their free time we get to know them, as they get to know each other. Different relationships are formed between the participants; friendships, loves, difficulties, etc.  What is the common goal that links all of them?

The show was performed by the students of Budapest Musical School.

During the curriculum we strive to produce high-level theater shows and short films that include dancing, singing and acting.

The unforgettable experience of the creative process, the professional theatrical or shooting environment and performing on stage or in front of the camera motivate students, furthermore accelerate the improvemetn of their skills.

Álmodd meg a csodát
Álmodd meg a csodát
Álmodd meg a csodát
Álmodd meg a csodát
Born this way
Born this way
Born this way