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Baár-Madas Gimnázium

(1022 Lórántffy Zsuzsanna út 3.)

First class: September 18, 2023

participation is subject to registration

About us

Budapest Musical School is an after-school training and talent management program in performing arts for students aged 8-18.

We strive to provide our students with modern, complex, creative training in performing arts, within dance, singing and acting classes, with outstanding mentors in a professional environment.

We aim to motivate our students to reach their highest potentioal and to accomplish their goals whether it is a professional career in dancing, singing or acting or simply being great at their hobbie.

Talent management is our priority. We mentor our students, we strive to build a community, and offer memorable professional experiences for them.

Besides our continuous tainings we offer professional programs, create theatre performances and short films, video clips with the help of professional mentors.

We organize intensive summer courses and take part in international exchange programs. We provide preparations for competitions, and are able to direct our students to the appropriate training institutes if needed.

Our locations
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