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Youth Dance Group


Professional training in performing arts from genuine, dedicated masters.

About us

Budapest Musical School is a high-quality after-school performing arts training program for 8-18 year-old students with special ephasis on dance education.

We provide  modern, complex performing arts training with outstanding mentors in a professional environment.

We strive to motivate our students to reach their highest potential, and to achieve their goals whether it is a professional dancing, singing, or acting career or being great at their hobbie.

We kindly welcome foreign students in our program.

Our Classes

In our dance calsses students can learn different dance styles such as: classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, hip-hop, jazz dance and acrobatics.  


In our singing classes students will acquire different techniques such as right breathing, speach, phonation, _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_can become confindent singers.

In our drama workshops students get to know their frends and themselves better. At drama classes they can expect lots of fun and new friendships. They will acquire new conflict solving skills, and will become more confident in their every-day lives. Not to mention that they will get a glimps into the magical world of acting!

During the curriculum we realize complex performances wiht our students that include dancing, singing and acting. Through these unforgetabble experiences students can utilize their acquired skills as well as get used to being on stage.

According to students' goals and free-time capacity we offer the following packages :

Young Ballerina


This program includes one singing class per week. In this class you can aquire techniques like phonation, breathing, pronounciation, etc, that will help you to become a confident singer. Our professional dedicated teachers will help you reach your highest potential.

Educational fee: HUF 12,000 / month

Youth Dance Group


This training will familiarize you with the three aspects of performing arts; dancing, singing and acting.

The program consits of 2 hours of dance training twice a week, 2 hours of singing traing per week and a long drama workshop each month.

Participants will get the chance to take part in our productions as dancers, singers or actors. 
Students may also take part in competitions if recommended by their instructors.

Educational fee: HUF 28,000 / month



In summer we offer intensive courses where students can participate in intensive dance training, drama training and singing classes.

Courses take place in Jókai Club (12. ker, Hollós út 5.)

Class hours are: 9: 30-17: 00 every day during session

Lunch is provided

Sessions in 2018: June 25-29 and August 21-25

Educational fee: HUF 35,000 / session


Girl Dancing Shoes


Our Basic Dancer package includes 2x2 hours of dance classes per week. During this quality dance training you can get familiar with the fundamental elements of classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, jazz dance, hip-hop and acrobatics.  
You will be able to participate in our productions as a dancer if you passed the audition. If recommended by your instructor, you can participate in dance competitions.

Educational fee: HUF 20,000 / month

Our team



Gábor is also a real professional. He is dedicated to talent management.

Gábor founded the Budapest Musical School program in 2016. He founded a complex high-quality performing art training, in which dance education is at an internationally recognized level.

Gábor started his dance studies in Pécs, Hungary, in the Artistic Highschool of Pécs. He continued with his BA training in dancing at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, after which he went straight to dance for the Royal Ballet of Wallony. After that he danced with the Australian Dance Theater, then he returned to Hungary and became a member of the Szeged Contemporary Ballet Co. He completed his Master's Degree in modern dance teaching in 2015.

At present he works as an active dancer and choreographer in Hungary and abroad.

He is decicated to talent management.

His students love working with him and look up to him.

Piano Note



Bea is one of the most fantastic singin teachers. She believes that everyone is capabel of singing, and that singing is something that brings joy to our lives. 
Bea is well recognised in her profession; she sings in the "Apostol" band, and trains professional actors regularly. Besides she teaches in the best artistic schools in Budapest.
With her attitude, personality and professional skills she will get the maximum out of you for granted!




Rea is a natural born pedagogue. She has been teaching drama for different artistic schools for 15 years. Her classes will help you know yourself and your peers better. In her workshops you will get lots of new friends, and you will ofthen have stiff abdominals from lots of laughing.  
Rea will guide you through the world of acting with fun exercises and situation games.
You will love her classes!




Krisztina is responsible for the background works of our school. She provides the locations, communicates with parents, writes the schedules and arranges fundings for our programs.
Don't hesitate to contact her with your questions!

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